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This form is designed to help me understand your desires & any struggles you have so I know how to best serve you. I encourage you to take your time to answer completely and from your heart. This process of inquiry can be surprisingly helpful to discovering hidden layers of your true essence.

 A Discovery Call is a way for us to explore the idea of working together. It is not just a coaching session, more like a deep, heartfelt conversation about your heart's intentions for a life and business that are lit up, fabulously exciting and aligned to who you know you are meant to be.

Are you ready to discover your deeper layers of incredible magic and beauty?
I'm ready!
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What would change for you if you had a powerful stage presence and strong purpose when you showed up in your business and life? *

Let's have some fun... What is your most out-there and FABULOUS desire for your life? One that is so fuckin' badass that it feels almost scary... maybe you've never even talked about it before. *

Let your fantasies spill out thru your fingertips, darlin'!
What specifically do you want guidance about from me? Why are you considering working with me as your mentor? *

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How committed are you about taking your business to the next level so you have a memorable and impactful brand message? *

Have you ever worked with a coach before? If yes, what was the experience like? *

How committed are you about financially investing in your business to create a memorable and impactful brand? *

Give me a few compelling reasons why you are a badass visionary woman who I should choose to work with. *

Sell yourself to me, sugar, and have some fun with this! There is NO limit.
If we decide working together is a good fit, are you familiar with my coaching programs and ready to invest time and money to get the support you need? *

Once you submit this application, I will review and get in touch with you within 24 hours by email with a link to schedule our call together.

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